Private Flood Insurance Basics

Lender Accepted - Low Rates - No Elevation Certificates - Flexible Coverage

Why Private Flood Insurance?


Low Rates

Private carriers usually have lower rates


Accepted by Lenders

It’s the law! Lenders have to accept private flood insurance.


Easy to Quote

Private Carriers Don’t Need Elevation Certificates to Quote!

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What Makes Private Flood Insurance Different?

Private Flood Insurance Is.....Private!

These Policies Are Written By Entities Who Are Concerned With Making An Underwriting Profit. This Means That They Strive To Offer A Competitive Product, With Efficient Distribution Channels, At Prices That Encourage You To Purchase.

Private Carriers Get To Choose Who They Insure

Private Flood Insurance Carriers Can Selectively Underwrite. Unlike The NFIP, Private Carrier Do Not Have To Take Every Property. They Make Use Of Complex Underwriting Tools To Take The Properties That Are Within Their Risk Tolerance. This Means That You Receive Lower Rates As Your Premiums Will No Longer Be Subsidizing The Properties That Have High Losses With Subsidized Rates

Competition = Lower rates

Private Flood Insurance creates competition. As NFIP rates increase, more carriers will enter the private flood insurance marketplace. Carriers will compete for your premium dollars by adjusting rates and underwriting acceptability.

A Few Of The Top Private Flood Insurance Providers

Why Are Private Flood Insurance rates Usually Lower?

Private flood insurance carriers use advanced technology that allows them to offer accurate prices for the property that they insure. Because private carriers don’t accept all properties, they are able to offer very competitive premiums for the properties that they do wish to insure.

The History of Private Flood Insurance

NFIP (Federal Plan) Starts

Since 1968, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has used flood insurance to empower Americans to protect the lives they’ve built. The National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 launches the NFIP with two primary goals: reducing future flood damage and protecting property owners.

Biggert-Waters Act

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (Biggert Waters) authorized and funded the national mapping program and certain rate increases to ensure the fiscal soundness of the program by transitioning the program from subsidized rates, also known as artificially low rates, to offer full actuarial rates. This created a MASSIVE disruption in the market.

Private Flood Thrives

After the disruption of the Biggert-Waters act private flood began to thrive. At the time, there were only a few specialty program administrators that sold private flood insurance, mostly through Lloyd’s of London. These pioneers of private flood insurance helped people save hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars a year.

Companies Join The Party!

For the first time, companies saw that there was an opportunity in the private flood insurance marketplace. More and more specialty companies started to offer private flood programs, even in high risk areas.

The FlowRater is Launched

Flow Private Flood launches the first private flood tool that rates several private flood carriers at one time. This tool allows the team at to quickly quote your property, and deliver low rates with great coverage.

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